John Wilson Orchestra performing Tom and Jerry 2013

This music/video took me back to my 7 years old. Beatiful


A medley of the well-known energetic music by composer Scott Bradley from the 1940′s and 1950′s Tom and Jerry cartoons. Wonderfully performed live by the John Wilson Orchestra at the 2013 BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall in London. Arranged by Peter Morris and John Wilson.

Pete Morris, who worked on the arrangement with John Wilson, on 4 September wrote the following in response to questions about this video: “we wanted to create a score that wasn’t too fragmented and that didn’t rely on visuals so the music you hear is a compilation of some of the best bits of Scott Bradley’s music. There is no single video for the music – it comes from eight different cartoons: Smitten Kitten, Sufferin’ Cats, The Framed Cat, Cat Fishin’ Just Ducky, Jerry and Jumbo, The Cat Comes to Dinner and Mouse for Sale”.

On 8 september Pete Morris added: “John is a dab hand at reconstructing scores from audio. Check his Wiki page for info. In this case, however, we used score fragments, archives and a lot of patience. I used FCP to extract candidate snippets of video and linked them to create a 3 candidate narratives which John and I then worked on. Copyright is a nightmare (MGM, Warner, Sony, Turner, EMI have all owned bits in the past) – only JW has the clout to cut though that quagmire. Scores are as rare as hens’ teeth.”

On 16 September Pete added: “Bradley’s original scores were played by typically 20 to 25 musos. In fact, if you look at the beginning of the performance there are only 3 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 bass, to start with the original MGM sound. However, more instruments are added as the piece progresses to the full 100-piece orchestra at the end. Scott Bradley also preferred orchestral sound effects to ones added by the sound department, hence the big “shock chords” that you find at various places”.

Excellent News


Occupation: Animator

I think this is the life of most of the animator around the world.

Animation made by Bruna Berford for the final project for her Stop Motion Experimental Class at AAU.

Stop Motion – Occupation: Animator from Bruna Berford on Vimeo.




Metegol Original Sountrack

Attending new online animation course!!!









I’m very excited about attending this character animation course in September. My mentor will be the genius Marlon Nowe! (REEL)

It will be 3 exciting months learning from the best of the bests.


These are the two rigs provided for the course.

And this one the Pose Library

It all looks pretty awesome.

Looking forward to attend this awesome course!






Avant Premiere Metegol

It was very exciting, emotional and I’m very proud and satisfied.

The film was released and I can say it’s a total success…
Having met with all my colleagues again and sharing with them the premiere of the movie was unique.


Most of the production crew from Latinamerica

Part of the animation crew

Having lunch after the premiere



Last Trailer of Metegol!!! (2013) (spanish)

New exclusive images from “Foosball” in Spain!







Yann Frisch, An amazing magic performance with an acting that reminds to the 20′s movies.


Unmissable for every animator!


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